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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Buckman Journal Poetry Award (closed February 27, 2022)

  • Update 3/2/22: We are impressed at the number and quality of entries. We plan to announce our favorite this month.
  • Final Update 4/8/22: We have selected a winner and notified all entrants. The winning poet will feature in the December’s Buckman Journal: This is Portland OR. 

Fiction and non-fiction for Buckmxn Journal (closed December 20, 2021). 

  • Update 3/2/22: Buckman plans to finish reading all submissions this month. Apologies for the delay as we are currently down an editor. 
  • Update 4/8/22: We have responded to all submissions and accepted several.

Non-fiction book length manuscripts (closed October 2021)

  • Update 3/2/22: Requested complete manuscripts for two entries.
  • Update 4/8/22: Of the two submissions that we sought a complete manuscript, one author admitted they did not have one. The other author provided an entire manuscript, but Buckman felt it needed a little more cooking.

The most accessible avenue for writers to get printed on a Buckmxn page is the Buckmxn Story Service, which accepts submissions several times a year. The editors of Buckmxn Journal, the awarded art and literature anthology, usually scout for writers and rarely rely on unsolicited submissions. However, Buckmxn Journal does offer brief open submission period, for Oregon and SW Washington residents only, slated later in the spring of 2022.

Buckman Journal is also pleased to announce the Buckman Journal Poetry Award. One poet will receive $300.00, and their work featured in Buckman Journal. The prize is open to Oregon and SW Washington residents only. There is no entry fee. Submissions closed February 27.

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